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Retina's highly specialized and informative, peer-reviewed articles are easily applicable to clinical practice. In addition to regular reports from clinical and basic science investigators, RETINA® publishes special features including periodic review articles on pertinent topics, special articles dealing with surgical and other therapeutic techniques, and abstract cards. Issues are abundantly illustrated in vivid full color.

Frequency : 12 issues per year
Ranking : 10/62 in Ophthalmology
Impact Factor : 4.256
Current Opinion in Ophthalmology

Every bimonthly issue delivers a fresh insight into topics such as glaucoma, refractive surgery and corneal and external disorders. With nine sections in total, the journal provides a convenient and thorough review of the field and will be of interest to researchers, clinicians and other healthcare professionals alike. As an added benefit, all review articles are supplemented with a fully annotated References and Recommended Reading section highlighting the most current and important papers in ophthalmology.

Frequency : 6 issues / year
Ranking : 13/62 in Ophthalmology
Impact Factor : 3.761
International Ophthalmology Clinics

Each issue of this quarterly publication presents a comprehensive review of a single topic in a new or changing area of ophthalmology. The timely, tightly focused review articles found in this publication give ophthalmologists the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of leading experts in this rapidly changing field.

Frequency : 4 issues / year
Ranking : NA
Impact Factor : NA

Cornea brings together the latest clinical and basic research on the cornea and the anterior segment of the eye. Each volume is peer-reviewed by Cornea's board of world-renowned experts and fully indexed in archival format.

Frequency : 12 issues / year
Ranking : 32/62 in Ophthalmology
Impact Factor : 2.651
Journal of Glaucoma

The Journal of Glaucoma provides a stimulating forum for the discussion of clinical, scientific, and socioeconomic issues of concern to clinicians who care for glaucoma patients. Each bimonthly issue presents original articles on new approaches to diagnosis, innovations in pharmacological therapy and surgical technique, and basic science advances that impact on clinical practice.

Frequency : 12 issues / year
Ranking : Ophthalmology 37/58
Impact Factor : 2.503
Retinal Cases and Brief Reports

Here you will find instructive, challenging cases that take you from the initial case presentation and work-up to the differential diagnosis and treatment, concluding with the post-treatment follow-up. Vividly illustrated, Retinal Cases & Brief Reports allows you to learn from acknowledged experts in the field, and is an invaluable tool for any practicing ophthalmologist.

Frequency : 4 issues / year
Ranking : NA
Impact Factor : NA
Indian Journal Of Ophthalmology

Indian Journal of Ophthalmology (IJO) is an indexed monthly official scientific journal of the All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOS). It is a prestigious journal in the world of Ophthalmology, and is currently in its 68th year of publication. IJO has an impressive National and International Advisory Board. IJO is published by Wolters Kluwer.

Frequency : Monthly
Ranking : 48/62 in Ophthalmology
Impact Factor : 1.848
Indian Journal Of Ophthalmology Case Reports

IJO Case Reports http://www.ijoreports.in is the new sister journal of IJO. It is published quarterly. The Journal will publish brief reports including but not limited to Case Reports, Case Series, Photo Essay, Ophthalmic Images, Clinico-Pathological Report, Clinico-Microbiological Report, Clinico-Radiological Report, and Letter to the Editor.

Frequency : Quarterly
Ranking : NA
Impact Factor : NA


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